Counter Displays | CDU

Counter display stands (CDU) are ideally positioned at point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) areas. They are usually situated near a till or counter, they are great if there is limited space available, used primarily for promoting smaller products in reception areas or counter tops, using hooks, tiered levels or a simple retail container with eye-catching visuals.

Our cardboard charity fundraising boxes, complete with in-built donation box are very popular and effective for the promotion of charity wristbands, sweets, pin badges and so on.

Bladen Box can help you design a bespoke range of display stands in all manner of materials that can store a range of products to encourage Impulse purchases and last-minute buys of offer based products, or on promotion items when the customer is in the queue waiting to pay can really help increase sales.

The aim of the game is to attract the wandering customers eye and to make those products stand out. We can help you create an excellent set of counter displays to get your products within the customers reach. Bladen box, the number one name for Counter Displays.