Environmental Policy

An Eco Friendly POS Display Company
We care about our environment, we consider our designs to minimise the paper content & we recycle all of our paper waste. We dedicate a lot of time to producing eco-packaging that is attractive to the eye and the environment.


The Company
We all live in the same big world and we can all play a responsible part in maintaining it. Here at Bladen Box & Display we have made sure that we recycle all of our the corrugated paper waste and produce eco friendly packaging that is attractive as well as functional.


The Waste
We neatly compact the waste into bails, similar to hay bails and wave goodbye as we send them along the journey to be converted back in cardboard. This is done knowing full well that the paper will again enter into the chain of the cardboard world and recycled packaging.

The Material
The beauty of cardboard or corrugated board is that it is made from around 80% recycled fibres and can it-self be fully recycled. Corrugated cardboard is made up of several layers, there is usually an outside paper liner, an inside paper liner and the wiggly bit known as the corrugation. In general the corrugation is made from 100% recycled paper, the inside paper liner is made from over 70% recycled paper and the outside paper liner can vary depending upon use. All in all it is not a bad material! We have also made sure that all of our paper is sourced from companies who maintain policies of sustainable packaging and use recycled fibres or managed forrests.