Why do I need Exhibition & Marketing Displays & Signage?

Exhibitions - Bladen Box & Display

Displays about your products

Exhibitions are the most cost effective way of getting your products & services in front of your customers. 75% of people attending exhibitions are buyers!

In this digital age of buying, exhibitions provide a unique marketing advantage to connect and interact with potential customers & build rapport with current clients.

Coloured visuals increase people’s willingness to read content on marketing material by 80%!

Marketing displays are your shop window, so make sure they reflect the right traits with quality & professionalism. Our displays are produced in-house using state of the art digital printers and digital cutters, providing an expert finish.

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Facts from Marketing Donut 2016.


Signs to direct to your products

Exterior signage is the first impression customers have of your business & is a deciding factor if potential customers even walk through the front door!

Signage attracts 50% of a start-up business’ new customers! 35% of passers-by wouldn’t know the business was there without a sign!

Informational signage allows customers to navigate to where they need to be – if they have a positive experience, by being able to find what they are looking for quickly, they are more likely to return as they feel able to rely on that convenience.

Signage needs to be concise and easy to read with a split-second glance. The use of large, bold fonts and a highly visible colour scheme enhances this.

Tap into what’s going on in the world or the town & market yourself in relation to it! Pavement signs are a great way to do this at little cost to keep up to date.

Freshen up your image and company/marketing slogans and relaunch!

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Facts from International Sign Association 2016.