3 examples of offline marketing success

Brands are always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, especially if they are operating in a busy marketplace.

There are a number of channels open to them in today's digital age - including social media, email marketing and blog posts - but that does not mean offline marketing should be consigned to the scrapheap.

Indeed, research by the CMO Council has found that 74 per cent of B2B marketers rate direct mail as very effective, underlining how companies should not be focusing solely on online if they want to secure long-term success.

This is where bespoke advertising displays come in, as they are an excellent way to draw attention to products in a simple and flexible way. Moreover, they can be used to build up brand recognition over time.

Bearing this in mind, let's have a look at some successful offline marketing campaigns.
Everyone in the UK has by now been to an IKEA store and been left astonished by the attention to detail. Children's play areas and restaurants help to create a real family brand image, which is exactly what the Swedish company is after. There are also loads of engaging posters and displays designed to make the whole experience enjoyable for everyone - not just the parents looking for new bedroom furniture. This hugely successful offline approach also informs the compnay's online activities, as a host of videos have been made around the notion of family and young kids. By committing to producing sophisticated offline marketing materials, IKEA has been able to carve itself out a niche in the home improvement market. The company also shows its creativity by producing 3D pop-ups of small tables that open out from magazine inserts.

The American mass media multinational was a leading light for direct marketing back in the 1990s, as households up and down the country were bombarded with free CDs and literature. These disks would encourage people to sign up to its internet service and they worked. Indeed, AOL's former chief marketing officer Jan Brandt revealed back in 2010 that at one stage the company was logging in new subscribers every six seconds. This demonstrates how sticking to a message and repeating it can bear marketing fruits, as it will eventually register in the minds of consumers.

Rarely has an offline marketing strategy captured the imagination like Coca Cola's 'Share a Coke'. The premise is simple; the drinks manufacturer produces bottles with people's names on the side instead of the logo. It then continually updates the stock to include new names and encourages people to look through the tins and bottles on sale at their local shop to see if they could find their own name. This was also backed up by an extensive poster and point of display campaign. While it may just seem like a bit of fun, it was actually a very clever mass referral marketing experience, as people become brand advocates once they find their name and share this experience with their friends and family.


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