High-street: In-store will always be important

There's no denying that the use of technology is on the rise, with thousands of brands taking to social media and other online platforms to showcase their latest products and services. Not just this, but retailers also employ marketing strategies targeted towards their online consumers in a bid to boost sales, such as sending out regular emails detailing new discount codes and special offers.

Online techniques, however, are just one piece of the marketing puzzle. It's true that revenue is generated through billions of online sales, but that's not to say that the power of offline marketing has been switched off.

In-store marketing displays are just as, if not more, effective and engaging - but how?


Placing your product on a display stand inside a store is highly convenient for your consumers. Let's face it; shoppers don't want to be trawling through aisles and shelves, as this can be time-consuming and stressful.

Seeing a product directly before them, presented attractively on a stand is much more desirable and creates a grab-and-go approach. In essence, you've made your consumer's shopping experience simple, quick and hassle-free - something they'll reward you for through purchasing what you're offering.


As well as displaying your product or service on an in-store stand, you can also add as much or as little information as you wish. This could be anything from the benefits of the product to a special introductory offer, such as buy one, get one half price.

This additional piece of information could determine your consumer's decision to buy. Remember though, wordy chunks of text are less effective for display stands; you need something short and snappy that gets the message across. At the end of the day, the stand is there to catch the eye of passers by.

Brand elevation

An in-store display stand will give you the opportunity to elevate your brand. Think of it as placing your brand on a pedestal. Displays stand out from what's on the shelf, making them more eye-catching and appealing to shoppers.

Even if the products on the stand are sold out, your brand name will still be visible. This gives you more exposure and helps to reinforce your company in the offline world.


It's all well and good having an in-store display, but what's the use if it doesn't look attractive? The chances are that few people will stop to take notice.

That's why it's important to purposefully arrange your products for maximum visual impact. Bold colours will certainly catch the eye, but ensure they're not too overwhelming and garish.

Take your target consumer into consideration. This is where you have to metaphorically put yourself in their shoes and think about what would appeal to them.

It's also a good idea to think outside the box. An innovative display stand will attract more attention than one that hasn't been well thought out. Get creative and introduce an interactive aspect to your display, so consumers will feel encouraged to take a closer look and engage with your service.

This will help contribute towards sales, subsequently boosting your profits and credibility.


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