Why do I need Promotional Product Displays?

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Displays for your products

Temporary product displays are an inexpensive yet highly effective marketing tool. Floor standing displays situated at the end of aisles can increase product sales by 30%!

The Isolation Effect affirms that products that stand out from the rest (through quality packaging and eye catching displays) allows consumers to recognise and recall that product and therefore purchase it!

This is particularly striking knowing that 82% of purchasing decisions are made in-store and 34% of consumers don’t even have a shopping list (a trend that is increasing)!

Colour has a significant role in product marketing too.. to the extent that 90% of first impressions and snap judgements about product can be made because of colour alone!

So, let’s get a display for your product that will capitalize on customer attention, that they will fall in love with your product through an outstanding quality, colourful & attractive display!

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Facts from Point Of Purchase Advertising Institute (POPAI) 2014.