5 things to consider for the perfect brief...

I do know what I want

Knowing what you want is an excellent start.

Use this 5 point check list to help you provide the perfect brief.

Most of these questions will at some stage be asked, so get ahead of the game...


What is my budget?

What is my budget?

This is really useful to know from the beginning, even if it’s just an estimate. Knowing this will help us to eliminate more costly alternatives. No one really wants to look at Prada if you can only afford Primark. Within your budget, break it down to cost per unit.

What quantity do you have in mind? We tend to quote giving price breaks so that you can see the cost effectiveness of different quantities, but let us know what you’re looking at for now, and what you’re looking at for later. Is this a trial promotion and do you have an additional marketing plan later down the line?


Is it an existing box or display?

Is it an existing box or display?

If the design already exists, obviously it’s really helpful to share that with us to give you an accurate quote. All of the following are really useful:

a. Do you have a technical drawing of the design?

b. Do you have a sample of the existing display?

c. Do you have photos or images of the existing display?


If it's not an existing box or display

If it's not an existing box or display

Maybe the design doesn’t exist yet, but you can visualise how amazing it will be.

a. Can you provide a sketch with dimensions of your idea (we don’t’ judge your artistic abilities!) Or give us a call to talk it through, or jot dimensions on an email, whichever you prefer.

b. Is the product available to send to us if need be? Don’t worry if not, but if you have the dimensions of the product itself that is second best


What is your time frame?

What is your time frame?

It’s always useful to be honest with your expectations from the beginning. If you need a product in a week, let us know straight away. We may not be able to meet this need, but we can save you wasting precious time! Our lead times are usually around 7-10 days from artwork approval. Depending on the complexity of the design, this can vary how long it will take to develop the right design - from days to weeks.

So, let us know your timeframe - are you planning well ahead where we have time to develop or is this a last minute rush (it happens!) and you just need something great very quickly?



Delivery Options

There are many options when it comes to delivery, largely dependent on what you’re ordering. We offer:

a. Bulk flat packed - the whole quantity of product on a pallet or in boxes for you to assemble, fill and distribute.

b. Individually flat packed - for you to distribute each display to your customer for them to assemble and fill.

c. Fully assembled - for you to fulfil and distribute. This may also be individually wrapped or boxed.

d. Fully assembled and fulfilled with your product - we can send the display filled with your products direct to a distribution centre or to each one of your customers.

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