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How much do cardboard displays cost?

We are often asked “How much does a printed display cost?” and although there can be many variables that affect the price, we are going to try and answer that question as simply and as straight forward as possible.

So, the way in which we are going to do this is to show you a category with an average price range and then provide you with a short list of items that can affect the cost, either adding to or reducing the price.

By the way, our minimum order value is £250.


Prices - Counter Displays

Counter Displays (CDUs)

£5.00 - £20.00

Open counter displays, leaflet holders, donations & charity boxes have no internal fittings and therefore the prices tend to be around £5.00 to £12.00.

Tiered counter displays, CDUs with shelves and CDUs with product locators have additional internal fittings and tend to be around £10.00 to £20.00.


Prices - Floor Displays

Floor Displays (FSDUs)

£20.00 - £75.00

Floor standing displays with shelves, hooks, cells and dividers have multiple components, they tend to be supplied individually wrapped and cost around £35.00 to £75.00.

Totem floor displays, podium displays and standees have less components, these also tend to be supplied individually wrapped and cost around £20.00 to £40.00.

Prices - Bins & Literature Displays

Bins & Literature Displays

£20.00 - £45.00

Dump bins and literature displays tend to have internal platforms to raise the products up from the ground. The cost of these are around £30.00 to £45.00.

Recycle bins don't have any internal fittings as standard , they are usually supplied in bulk, flat on pallets and cost around £20.00 to £30.00.

So what can affect the price?

Here are 4 reasons that can impact the price of a display.

Number 1 Order Quantity

The order quantity makes a big difference... In essence, the higher the quantity, the lower the cost!

  • machine set up costs remain static no matter what quantity is made.
  • mill make material is more efficient than stock board for higher quantites.
Number 2 Print Coverage

Print coverage can affect the price... If you want minimal print on your display, let us know from the start.

  • digital printing uses 4 colours (CMYK) price is not affected by the number of colours
  • litho printing uses 4 colour (CMYK) + specials if required - price could be affected
Prices Number 3

You can add a variety of additions to your display and make it truly your own and unique!

  • CDUs can have additional wobblers and stand offs to attract attention
  • FSDUs can have mop trays, hanging hooks and SEL price strips on shelf fronts
Prices Number 4

You can collect your displays or have them delivered to one address or multiple addresses...

  • the price is reflected in the way you choose to have your displays delivered
  • you can choose bulk palletised, indivdually wrapped or even fully assembled

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