5 helpful steps to point you in the right direction!

I Dont Know What I Want

The following guidelines will help to shape what it is that you need.

Work through these to find out the details that we can all work with.

Let’s get started...


What is my budget?

What is my budget?

This is really useful to know from the beginning, even if it’s just an estimate. Knowing this will help us to eliminate more costly alternatives. No one really wants to look at Prada if you can only afford Primark. Within your budget, break it down to cost per unit.

What quantity do you have in mind? We tend to quote giving price breaks so that you can see the cost effectiveness of different quantities, but let us know what you’re looking at for now, and what you’re looking at for later. Is this a trial promotion and do you have an additional marketing plan later down the line?


What is the promotion?

What is the promotion?

Are you looking for transit packaging, promotional packaging or displays? Different options will suit different promotions, for example:

a. In person exhibitions - are you looking for packs to give away or sell?

b. Online promotions - do you need postal pack?

c. In situ static promotions - do you need to display your product using counter displays or floor displays?


What is the environment in which you are using?

What is the environment in which you are using?

Consider what space is available to you - do you have floor space, shelf space or counter space? Many outlets have floor space specifications or guidlines. The type and size of a display can largely by dependent upon the environment in which it is going in, for example:

a. Large scale stores or ‘multiples’ - such as supermarkets, large DIY stores & garden centres

b. Smaller retail shops - such as chemists, card shops, clothes shops, toy shops & boutiques

c. Schools, colleges, universities & hospitals


Narrow it down

Narrow it down

Letting us know what you don’t want is really useful, as well as knowing what you might want. It helps us to guide you to what we think will be perfect!





Consider the properties of your product

Consider the properties of your product

You know your product best, so tell us it’s quirks, for example:

a. Is it stable in it’s own entity - in other words, can it stand up on it’s own? If so we can consider shelves, tiered or stacked options. If not, we need to look at product locators or dividers.

b. Is the product already packaged with a euro hook, therefore can hang? Would you prefer some to hang and some to stand?


What next?

After going through these questions, you’ll have a lot more of an idea of what you want, or what you don’t want and we can guide you in a number of ways. Take a look through our product pages and see if anything takes your fancy, or alternatively get in touch - use the contact us page, send us an email, or pick up the phone. We’d love to guide you to the perfect product.

Sometimes we might suggest that you send us a sample to work with - constructional designers always prefer to have the product in hand. However, it’s not always necessary and we offer a sample service prior to ordering for you to check our designs are the right fit for your product.

Do you have a project you need help with?

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