5 tips for a perfect product launch

Do you know how to successfully launch a product? It's a very tricky process that can make or break the future success of a company, so spending some time getting it right is essential.

While Apple has somewhat cornered the market for product launches, ratcheting up the tension over time until the big reveal, not everyone benefits from its budget or brand exposure.

However, this does not mean smaller firms cannot create a seamless launch that will leave customers ready to become brand advocates. Follow our top tips for success.

Know your audience
Companies need to have a crystal clear understanding of who they are targeting in order to tailor a product's branding. Unless the necessary research is carried out, you could end up speaking to an entirely wrong audience. By finding out the main points of a consumer who is likely to buy your product, you can speak to them clearly and convincingly. For example, if cost is the major concern, an introductory promotional offer could tempt them to make a purchase.

Create an overall theme
It is not enough to just launch a product and hope that people take notice. Instead, you have to create a concept that every element of your launch can be tied into. It should also be viewed as a chance to bring your core values to life. Smoothie maker Innocent has done this very effectively over the years by emphasising its jokey and informal branding. It has named its headquarters Fruit Towers, its website has a relaxed, conversational tone and boasts colourful and engaging packaging.

Use bespoke free standing display units
If you're looking to draw attention to a product, there is no better way to package it than in a free standing display unit. By separating it from the rest of the products on offer, there's a greater chance it will catch the customers eye, giving you a competitive edge over other companies. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to develop a specific branding theme, which will increase visibility and give you greater recognition. This cost-effective measure could make all of the difference.

Choose the right venue
No one wants to go along to a corporate office to hear about the next big thing, so companies should not be afraid to be out-there in their choice of venue. For example, if you are a toy manufacturer, a toy shop is obviously the ideal place to launch a product. But to make things extra special, why not get in touch with local schools to see if you can encourage plenty of kids to come along? This will give them the opportunity to test out the new toys and give their own brutally honest feedback.

Focus on customers
It's all too easy to get carried away talking about new product specifications, but will your consumers really care about incremental improvements? If you want to launch like Coca-Cola or Apple, putting the focus on customers is essential. By placing the human aspect centre stage, you can relate to people much easier and let them know how your product can change their lives for the better. In short, keep it simple, engaging and relevant.


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