Bookshops: The perfect location for POS displays

9 February 2015

Going to a bookshop isn't just a matter of walking in and purchasing a particular item. For many, it's an experience they want to savour, as they enjoy the relaxed vibe and the opportunity to expand their minds to new facts and concepts.

Book store operators therefore need to bear this in mind when they're creating point of sale displays. Aggressive marketing techniques aren't always needed and instead a more subtle and imaginative approach might work much better. So let's have a look at a few things to bear in mind…

Make books the focal point of a POS display

It's so obvious that it might not need saying, but in order to attract attention, the books on show need to have stimulating and appealing covers. That way, they're doing most of the work of catching a person's eye, with the POS display simply supporting it and giving it a platform to shine.

Ensure they're prominent

Exercise a little common sense when you're deciding where to put your POS display. The front of the store is usually an ideal place, but depending on the nature of the book, it might make more sense to place a display close to similar publications, as it will catch the eye of browsers who already have an interest in a certain subject.

Don't overcomplicate signs

Too many words, colours and graphics don't always have the right impact, so it's best to have a more restrained approach. A cluttered sign doesn't catch the eye, whereas something that's clean and clear will reach out and let customers know what is on offer in an instant. You shouldn't need more than a handful of words to say what's on display, while the subject of the book might invite certain visual cues, such as a logo, symbol or a photo of the author.

POS displays don't have to just contain books

Your display might stand out more if you offer a mix of items. Why not complement your books with related CDs and DVDs? Alternatively, items like mugs and stationery related to the subject of the book might offer a few valuable cross-selling opportunities.

Point customers towards similar books

If someone is interested in the books you're displaying, they might also be keen to know what similar items they can purchase, either now or in the future. So why not create a sign with exactly this information on it or perhaps offer a bookmark with a list of recommended books to read?

Link displays to current events

Displays can be particularly eye-catching if they're related to something that's big in the public consciousness at that time. Perhaps a major sporting event is underway or just around the corner, or there's a major news story like a general election that people are talking about. Tapping into what's on people's minds at these times can be a great way to generate interest in the books you have on offer. With this in mind, you need to keep a firm eye on what is going on and be prepared to act swiftly. For instance, if a famous author dies, it makes sense to display their books prominently straight away while interest in their work is high.

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