5 industries that should be using display products

In case you didn't know, we think display products are a pretty effective marketing tactic.

They provide brands with a cost-efficient and engaging method of speaking to customers, as these displays are sure to catch the attention of shoppers and boost product exposure over both the short and long term.

But what sectors are particularly well suited to using displays?

Charities always face an uphill struggle when it comes to fundraising. The majority are never going to have huge marketing budgets, so they have to rely on well thought out strategies to maximise interaction with potential donors. Charity donation boxes can sit on top of counters and offer shoppers an easy way to make a contribution to a good cause. This option is simple to set up and lets charities speak directly to their target audience.

Smartphones have transformed both home and working lives, as people can carry out a host of operations through their internet-enabled mobile phones. However, companies still need to advertise their services and bespoke displays are perfect for this. These displays can be tailored to a product's needs, which means firms can offer great aesthetic appeal and add value in the process. These units also offer communication companies the perfect platform for showcasing samples of their product range.

Successful retail companies appreciate the need to present their products in the best light. Brands cannot merely expect people to find out about their latest release of their own accord, and so creating a colourful and engaging display is an excellent way of helping them along the customer journey. Be it floor standing display units, dvd counter displays or bespoke pop-up displays, retailers have a number of options open to them when trying to boost sales and attract more customers. If retailers are struggling to come up with an engaging design, speaking to the experts for advice on what works is a good idea.

With around 150,000 new books published every year in the UK, the publishing sector is obviously extremely competitive. So how can you stand out from the competition? Book displays are ideal for promoting new book releases. They offer companies the perfect platform for advertising, as complementary reviews can be included around the sides and the branding can be aligned with that of the book. As with all display products, it also provides companies with a unique opportunity to speak to potential customers.

Sustainability and environmental-friendliness are very much in vogue, as companies look to do their utmost to recycle and generally present a 'green' front. Recycle bins are perfect for this, as they can be used in offices, cinemas and shops to make sure waste material is collected and disposed of in the correct manner. These bins will come with lids, headers and inner platforms, while they can also be used to promote a company's green credentials. It is also an excellent way to engage staff around the issue of recycling and encourage everyone to do their bit to make sure waste is recycled in an efficient manner.


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