Do motor shows require a new branding approach?

The role of motor shows is shifting as companies are placing more of an emphasis on brand recognition.

Traditionally these events have been used to showcase new models, but firms are starting to treat exhibitions as the perfect platform for showcasing their core values of quality and design.

Indeed, Kia recently brought a new stand design to the Paris Motor Show that sought to deliver a more "upscale and premium" feel as it seeks to communicate a more sophisticated brand message.

European marketing boss Artur Martins told Marketing Week the new design will have a minimalist look that focuses on a smaller number of models. It is part of a wider rebranding exercise within the company that looks to pursue a more premium positioning.

"We want to communicate our core values of quality and design. Our booth [at Paris] is a reflection of the brand," he stated.

The future of car show display branding

There has been speculation recently that car shows are losing their importance. With 18 international events planned in 2014, many are viewing them as a marketing luxury they cannot afford.

This means there is growing appetite for cost-effective marketing plans at these events, which is where point of sale display advertising comes in. This form of marketing offers a high level of aesthetic appeal and boosts product exposure without breaking the bank.

We've already seen how exhibitions can be used to boost brand exposure, as they present companies with a unique opportunity to market their products and services in an engaging manner.

So car companies just need to focus on using their resources efficiently, instead of parting with vast sums for glossy press conference ads that will not have long-lasting impacts.

Johan Fourie, chief operating officer at Innocean Worldwide Europe, told the publication: "Motor shows now have to perform a marketing job, they are just another customer touchpoint."

With car marques placing brand strategy at the heart of all of their operations, the need for engaging and unique displays has never been more pressing.


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